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Race Day Traffic Plan

race day timline


Sheriff’s deputies with flashing lights will be positioned on both ends of the road closure and at major intersections along the course. The Sheriff’s Mobile Command Center will be in place at this time.


Participants will line up. Traffic control volunteers and Sheriff’s deputies at all major intersections along the route ensure that the road is safely closed. Volunteers are placed at all major entrances to Highway 30A along the route.


Half Marathon race begins. A lead car will escort the front runner to ensure additional safety. Sheriff Deputies will utilize four-wheelers, and South Walton Fire Department will utilize golf carts to rove up and down the race course throughout the event, adding additional safety. A race volunteer will follow the last runner and be in constant contact with the volunteer stationed in the command center with WCSO on their position.


5K race begins.


5K runners ushered onto the sidewalk to make way for the half runners and pace car.


Volunteers will ask any remaining runners on the course to move to the bike path. A squad car with flashing lights will follow the last runner.


Sherriff deputies re-open Highway 30A to traffic. Detours will remain in effect in WaterColor – Buttercup Street, Western Lake Drive, WaterColor Blvd.

The Plan

At the inception of the 30A Half Marathon & 5K, we worked with local officials and used data from local vacation rental companies to choose a date and time in which the impact on community traffic would be minimal. We found the hours just following sunrise on a Sunday morning to have light traffic in the areas where we will conduct the race. We have also secured plenty of off-street parking to ensure clear roadways at the close of the race when the roads are re-opened to traffic.

This year, the race will take place on Sunday, October 11, 2020, beginning and ending on 30A at Gulf Place. Runners will head east on Hwy 30A from Gulf Place into WaterColor where they will be diverted north onto WaterColor Blvd. North, west on Western Lake Dr, then north onto WaterColor Blvd. West. Runners will turn around in the oval-shaped drive in front of The Lake House before heading back the way they came. To ensure the safety of our estimated 1,500 runners, the 30A Half Marathon & 5K works closely with the Walton County Sheriff’s Office and the South Walton Fire Department. 

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